Keenan Brown

California Licensed Professional Fiduciary

Brown Management

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Southern California


Keenan Brown, the founder of Brown Management, is a seasoned Legacy and Complex Assets Expert. He has dedicated his career to guiding discerning families through the intricate challenges of wealth and succession.

Years of Experience


Licenses and Certification

Professional Fiduciary (CLPF, License #790), Certificate, Professional Fiduciary Management, California State University, Fullerton Certified Guardian, National Guardianship Association, California IRS Enrolled Agent (EA #87263).

Areas of Expertise

Decades of experience navigating the intricacies of probate law, complex asset management (real estate, businesses, intellectual property, digital assets), and tax implications.

Ideal Clients

Heirs: navigating probate, taxes, and asset distribution. Business Owners: succession planning and ensuring business thrives. Blended Families: fair and equitable asset division. Digital Nomads: managing diverse assets and international tax implication.

Affiliations or Memberships with Professional Organizations

Professional Fiduciary Association of California, National Guardianship Association, Los Angeles County Bar Association, Greater LA African American, Chamber of Commerce, National Association of Enrolled Agents, Long Beach Estate Planning & Trust Council.