Who Do I Trust? A Guide to Building Your Team of Trusted Advisors with SoCal Elder Advocates 


Navigating the complexities of caring for aging loved ones can be overwhelming. The journey often presents numerous challenges and uncertainties, from ensuring financial stability to securing quality healthcare. This is where SoCal Elder Advocates steps in, a resource created by Certified Care Managers to assist families in finding and building their team of trusted advisors. 

Why SoCal Elder Advocates? 

At SoCal Elder Advocates, we believe the right team can make all the difference. Experience has shown us that greater outcomes and smoother transitions are achieved when families have access to the best resources. Our mission is to connect you with professionals who are not only experts in their fields but also genuinely committed to putting your family’s needs first. 

Our Expertise and Commitment 

Why trust SoCal Elder Advocates? Here’s why: 

Proven Expertise: We have seen these professionals in action and can vouch for their dedication and excellence. 

Comprehensive Care: Our network includes specialists in estate planning, financial and tax advice, retirement transitions, and personalized healthcare solutions. 

Efficiency and Savings: By providing a one-stop resource guide, we save families time and money, streamlining the process of building a trusted team of advisors. 

Specialized Services for Peace of Mind 

We connect you with professionals who offer: 

  • Expert Estate Planning: Ensuring your loved one’s estate is managed and distributed according to their wishes provides the whole family peace of mind. 
  • Financial and Tax Advice: Tailored strategies to optimize financial health and manage taxes effectively. 
  • Retirement Transitions: Smooth transitions into retirement and beyond with personalized planning and support. 
  • Quality Healthcare Solutions: Access top-tier personalized healthcare services to meet your loved one’s unique needs. 

Why We Created This Resource 

As part of Keen Home Care, an in-home care and assisted living facility company, we understand the profound impact professional guidance can have on the well-being of aging individuals. Our experience in the industry has highlighted the critical need for reliable, high-quality resources that families can depend on. By creating SoCal Elder Advocates, we aim to bridge the gap between families and the professional expertise they require. 

We aim to empower families with the knowledge and connections needed to make informed decisions and ensure the best care for their aging loved ones. Whether you seek legal advice, financial planning, or healthcare solutions, SoCal Elder Advocates guides you every step. 

Join Us on the Journey 

We invite you to explore the resources available through SoCal Elder Advocates. Let us help you build a team of trusted advisors who will work tirelessly to meet the needs of your aging loved ones, ensuring a future that is secure, healthy, and peace of mind. 

Contact us today to start building your team of trusted professionals. Together, we can make the aging journey a more manageable and compassionate experience for your family.